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Your Job is Your Credit

Do you need a car but your credit score has been through the ringer?  At Your Job is Your Credit Car Loans, we help shoppers who need to finance a car with credit problems such as:

  • Very Low Credit Score
  • Bankruptcy
  • Repossession
  • Foreclosure
  • No Credit History

Everyday we help people like you get approved for car loans.  Our nationwide network of subprime lenders and car dealers is standing by, ready for your business.  You see, we work with many lenders, dealers, and car lots who are willing to overlook your credit score if you have steady income.  In other words:  Your Job is Your Credit.

Getting a Car Loan with Your Job as Your Credit

Find the Right Lender Find The Right Dealer or Lender. This is KEY.  Not all dealers and lenders are willing to extend credit to people with bad credit, even if they have a job.  However, we work with many who actually specialize in this kind of “special financing” situation.  When you apply online via our free service, we will work to place your application with one of them so that you can walk onto the dealer lot pre-approved for your car loan — there’s no better feeling than that, especially if you’ve had credit problems in the past.

Offer Money Down Offer Money Down or Cosigner. If possible, getting together a down payment of 5-10% or finding a person with good credit to cosign your loan — or both — can benefit you in 2 ways:  increase odds of approval and decrease auto loan rates.  Remember that cash is not the only form of down payment; most “your job is your credit” car lots welcome trade-ins, and trade equity can usually be used as money down.  Neither of these 2 things is mandatory, but both are a good idea.

Apply Online Apply Online. By submitting your credit application online, you can get pre-approved for your car loan BEFORE ever stepping foot on the dealer lot.  This not only puts you in a strong negotiating position, it quells the anxiety of getting approved so that you can enjoy the car buying experience.  Ready?  Apply online!

Proof of Income Have Proof of Income. If you have subprime credit, most lenders and dealers will want to ensure that you have the income to make your car payments month in and month out.  Proof income could include a paystub, W2 form, or banking documents.  Most lenders prefer that you make $1500-$1800 per month at minimum, though some may approve your car loan at a lower income.  When you apply online, make sure to include your pre-tax income.

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